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5F training about industrialization of marketing

Source:harmonyworld Popularity:Time:2021-01-28 02:56
 May 5, 2017, China Elite 3-day’s 5F strategic marketing of industrialization systematic training held in Beijing as scheduled. More than 10 elites of Harmony participated in this training actively and won the championship bravely in

the PK competition.

      “5F” in 5f strategic marketing of industrialization system refers specifically to ‘Face to face’, ‘Future investment’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Favourate’ and ‘Forced to success’. Through this training, everyone has gained a lot. The most important

several points are as follows:

      1 How to make the transaction become inevitable--funnel formula

      2 What are we selling to the end---sell yourself first

      3 Of course, there are a set of tips about sales--beating dragon 18 palms. These eighteen tips are bothvery effective. They will help us improve the customers’ satisfaction and stickiness.

      Throughout the whole training, all people of Harmony participated in the interaction actively, tried their best to get the “red flag” for the team. Finally our team won the championship in the PK competition with the advantage of

three red flags. Actually Pk, even winning championship in the PK is just mission, how to make the best use of what we learned to work is result. Believe in the near future, elites of harmony will make all people keep eyes polished.