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Spanish CPHI (2016-10-06)

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      It was a great honor to attend the CPHI Spain with Lucy and Jessica during the National Day holidays, and this experience made the common 10.4 - 10.6 be a memorial day in my life. In these days, I experienced much and learned much with a lot of sentiment.

      When we arrived in Spain, we saw many people from different nations come here and get well with, we saw there were distinctive beautiful European-style buildings in the sides of the road, and we also saw many blonde beauty and handsome man which we mostly seen from the movie and television. The interesting souvenirs, salty hams and many things made me very excited and novelty.

      But I did not forget the main purpose of this trip: to attend the exhibition, visit customers, and collect information. Although we had prepared much like simulating the situation of meeting with customers in our mind, there was still not enough for me: I found I have not some contact number for some customers; some didn’t appear at appointed time and place; some information could not be aware so I didn’t give a good answer to my customers. Although we met most customers in the end, we thought to sum up the mistakes in this trip, then improve ourselves in the future. Such as collecting the information of customers as much as we can before meeting them, especially for the contact number and preparing as much related knowledge as we can and so on.

      In the meantime, I was very grateful to Lucy, who has "experienced battle and invincible" and gave me a lot of encouragement and advice to teach me a lot of things. For example, at the beginning, I worried too much about that how I would directly ask about the information and business cards for the booths I met. I imagined the clients would ask me many questions and then I may not be able to answer the questions. It is awkward. Therefore, I was so cautious. Lucy told me that actually I didn’t have to worry so much, many clients standing on the front desk of an exhibition, they were also not very professional who would not ask very complicated questions. Usually they were very nice and very passionate. There were so many proper to talk with them, they couldn’t remember everybody, you should not worry even you didn’t have a very nice talk with them. She also gave me a demonstration, so that I greatly increased my confidence, reduced concerns a lot. Accordingly it was much easier for me to sweep the cards and contact way one by one. In other time, Lucy and me have very nice a chatting like common friends, not leaders and her followers. We talked about the time when you just graduated, how we learned to rent a house. We shared happy hour with friends, and talked about people's gossip and the plans and visions of the future. All those talking let me enjoy the leisure time and left new inspiration in my heart, just like the spring rains.

     The time was so short, but it would influence me much more what I learned and felt during those short but meaningful time. It would encourage me to learn more, think more and work harder to be better ourselves bit by bit.

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